Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another hiking adventure!

I went hiking this morning at the Thorne Head Preserve in Bath. I was all excited when I set out for my hike, always enjoying finding a new place to walk. Lots of local history here too, which I found interesting. A friend had told me about this place last year, I went once, but never really got around to exploring it too much. Well today I sure did. There were no maps at the trailhead when I got there, and although I looked at a map online before I left, the trails were not well marked. There were signs for the major trails, but there were so many other little trails, running everywhere it was hard to tell which one was "the trail". So I must have tajen a wrong turn somewhere, because I ended up at a totally different trailhead about half a mile from my car. Frustrating and somewhat panic inducing, but I figured out where I was and walked along the road to my car. Luckily this place isn't too remote or I would have been more worried about being lost.

It was a very nice hike anyway. I followed the main trail, an old logging road up to the overlook to a wooded cliff looking out over the Kennebec River. Then eventually found my way onto North Creek Bridge Trail, the trail I had wanted to take. I think I must have walked every trail in this small area to finally find the trail I was actually looking for. I ended up on a trail that took me down along a tidal wetlands, really beautful with all the birds flying overhead, and across some really rustic little bridges. Despite getting "lost" it turned out to be a nice little adventure.


Sophie said...

On the bright side, like you had tons of beautiful view to enjoy!


LillyShayStyle said...

I'm jealous of your trails. I would have panicked if I was lost, but yay for the great hike. And that little bridge is so thin, kind of scary, lol. But I like it!

OceanDreams said...

Oh, how fun! I love to hike and that bridge is amazing. Did you actually go across it? Nature is so beautiful and I always try to take full advantage when I finally get the time to hike. Nice post!