Sunday, May 3, 2009

A quick Twitter tip

Have you ever wanted to design a personalized Twitter background for your profile page? I spent several hours yesterday sifting through websites with customizable Twitter templates trying to find one that was just right for my business profile on Twitter. No luck. Couldn't find one I liked. I wanted to be able to add text and pictures and couldn't find one that was working for me.

This morning I came across a great site called which allows you to cusomize all the colors, add text, add pictures and pretty much anything you want. Pretty easy to use too. Just make sure you have Adobe flashplayer 10 installed first or you won't be able to save your work. I ended up with a background using a picture that I took and my Etsy shop name and web address. I wanted to add a few pics of my jewelry but I think they made the file size too big because I couldn't get my background to save. Take a look at my Twitter profile here (and maybe follow me too! I will follow back). Have fun with your new background!